Monthly Archives: April 2011

4 Ways Product Managers Can Prevent The Internet From Killing Your Product’s Price

That there Internet is a powerful tool in the hands of your potential customers. You probably vary the price of your product over time – lowering it when you want to boost sales or when you have a new version that you are getting ready to introduce. Well guess what, […]

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Product Managers Realize That They Are Really Selling To Grandparents

Who is the customer for your product? Maybe a better question is how old is your target customer? It turns out that they may be much older than any of us have realized – America’s grandparents are becoming the dominate consumer force (and this relates to business to business transactions […]

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Product Managers Know New Marketing Techniques Are Not Necessarily The Best

One of the reasons that we all became product managers is that we were attracted to the field because it is always changing. Part of this change is that new marketing techniques are always showing up. Product managers are always attracted to shiny new ways to reach our customers. However, […]

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