Monthly Archives: August 2011

Why Your Product’s Reputation Really Matters

As product managers we try very hard to make sure that our products have all of the features and functionality that our customers want and need. In order to get our customers to purchase our products we attempt to make our products look like the type of product that they’d […]

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When Product Managers Fall Down: What’s Happened To Lexus?

Of the past 20 years or so, one of the best product management jobs to have in the United States had to be a product manager who was responsible for one of Toyota’s Lexus’ brand’s cars. These cars have been selling very well for a long time and have been […]

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Product Managers Need To Find A Way To Slim Down – Their Products!

Is it possible that you are managing too many products? Sure, as product managers we actually like it when we have multiple products to manage. Sure, we’ll complain to everyone, but deep down inside we really like the assurance of having multiple products belong to us because then we’re confidant […]

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Video: Is Being A Product Manager At Coke The Real Thing?

  Dr. Jim Anderson reveals how product managers at Coke are keeping track of their over 450 different brands of products. Dr. Anderson talks about how Coke product managers use a gate process to determine which products should make it to market, why Japan plays such an important role in […]

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Product Managers Know That Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Bad

What would it take to get your customers to buy more of your product? Maybe if you offered them more choices – you know, more colors, more sizes, more brands, more flavors, etc. If they liked the new versions that you offered them, then maybe you could offer them still […]

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