How To Best Meet The Needs Of The Connected Consumer

How to best meet the needs of the connected consumer isn’t just a product managers dilemma, nor just a marketing executive or UX design professionals. To delight the modern consumer your product management, UX design and marketing departments need to work together! At the 10th Annual Open Mobile Summit (November […]

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Moving Beyond Mobile: Uber, Tesla, eBay And More Discuss Engaging Digital Strategies

Mobile-first thinking is finished, your customer has moved beyond using one device. The most successful brands are now those who understand the connected consumer and make every channel and platform work towards a seamless customer experience. The Open Mobile Summit (November 27th-28th, San Francisco) is the annual hub for […]

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So You Need to Promote Your Product?

Note: This posting has been guest written by Angie Picardo. Angie Picardo is a staff writer for NerdWallet. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs stay financially savvy, and save some money with a Karmaloop coupon code. You’ve made a new product— hooray! But how can you get people to buy […]

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Why Your Product’s Reputation Really Matters

As product managers we try very hard to make sure that our products have all of the features and functionality that our customers want and need. In order to get our customers to purchase our products we attempt to make our products look like the type of product that they’d […]

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