How Product Managers Can Get Kids To Smoke Again

by drjim on September 17, 2018

In order to sell more cigarettes, product managers need to get millennials to smoke more

In order to sell more cigarettes, product managers need to get millennials to smoke more

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There are many different types of product manager jobs. One of the more, shall we say delicate of these jobs, is that of being a product manager for a major tobacco company. It is your job to get people to consume more of your product – that means smoke more. It turns out that you currently have real problem on your hands, those young millennial kids are not smoking enough of what you are making.

The Problem With Millennials

Numbers don’t lie. Right now all of those “don’t smoke” TV ads seem to be doing their job. Roughly 85% of millennials don’t smoke. Of those millennials who do smoke, many of them don’t like the most popular cigarette brand on the market in the U.S.: Marlboro. I’m pretty sure that we are all very familiar with the marketing that has gone in to promoting the Marlboro brand over the years: the cowboy with the Stetson hat wearing blue jeans and sitting on a horse. The bad news for Marlboro is that this image is not working with the millennials. Oh, and the Marlboro cigarettes cost too much.

Starting in 2008 and going to 2011, Marlboro’s market share has taken a dive. It’s gone down to 43% of the smokers who are between 18-25 years old. These are the same young adults who are more focused on tattoos, black jeans, and motorcycles. These are the smokers who really don’t care to grow up to become cowboys. Marlboro’s “manly man” thing was not working with their millennial target audience.

The Marlboro product managers realized that they were dealing with two different challenges. The first, of course, was that the millennials were not selecting their products and their appeal was starting to slip. Additionally, Marlboro was starting to have a problem with their older smokers also. Marlboro cigarettes cost a great deal. When the 2008 recession hit, Marlboro’s older smokers suddenly had less disposable income and it became harder for them to buy what Marlboro had to offer to them. What the Marlboro product managers needed to do was to find a way to both appeal to young adults and to be less expensive. They needed to change their product development definition.

How To Solve The Millennial Smoking Problem

The solution to these problems that the Marlboro product managers came up with was to introduce a new brand of cigarette: Marlboro Black. This is a cigarette that has been designed specifically to appeal to millennials. It’s a cheaper version of the other Marlboro cigarettes and it has a bolder taste. This new brand of cigarettes is designed to give Marlboro a bold, modern take for their millennial target audience.

The Black line of cigarettes has been available for about five years. In its first year of being on the market it was able to grab 1% of the total U.S. cigarette market. This is the brand that has allowed Marlboro to gain its highest share of the U.S. market ever: 44.1%. Marlboro’s market share among 18-25 year old smokers has grown by 3% and now they have captured 46% of this lucrative market segment. All of a sudden the Marlboro brand has become relevant again. Now that’s something to put on your product manager resume.

In order to capture this part of the smoking market, the product managers have had to become creative. They have been going out to trendy clubs and handing out coupons for $1 packs of cigarettes. The company has also sponsored a set of digital shorts about graffiti artists and lowrider cars. The new Black line comes in a package that is all black. This has given it an upscale image. This has helped to boost its sales and has helped to increase sales of all of Marlboro’s products. The new Black brand has provided the Marlboro product managers with a way to restore the luster to a huge brand with broad appeal.

What All Of This Means For You

No, you may not find yourself in the same spot as the Marlboro product managers did: trying to find a way to sell more cigarettes to young adults. However, the challenges that they faced are very similar to the ones that a lot of us are facing: sales of our primary product may be declining as the tastes and preferences of our current customers and the next generation of customers, the millennials, start to shift. It’s time to go back and take a close look at your product manager job description What should you be doing?

The Marlboro product managers had an especially tough task ahead of them. A big chunk of the next generation of potential customers were not even smoking. Of the ones who were smoking, most were not selecting the primary Marlboro product. A solution needed to be found. The solution that the product managers came up with was to introduce a new brand called “Black” that costs less and has a distinctive taste. This new product has been a big hit. The product managers have changed the way that they market their cigarettes in order to appeal to their younger customers. They have started to go out to where millennials spend their time, have started to sponsor things that millennials watch, and they have packaged the new Blacks in a way that will make the millennials want to have them.

Yes, there are all sorts of tricky moral issues that come along with being a cigarette product manager. However, I think that we can all agree that even in difficult time and under challenging circumstances, the Marlboro product managers are doing a very good job. By creating a new brand and carefully targeting it towards the market segment that they want to capture, they are showing the rest of us how product management is supposed to be done.

– Dr. Jim Anderson
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Question For You: What are the Marlboro product managers going to have to do to get more people to start smoking?

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Image Credit: Asim Saeed

Owning a car is a truly exciting and a one-of-a-kind experience. This is especially true when you are young. Not only does it give you the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want, but it gives you the freedom that you need from your parents. However, finding an affordable vehicle and purchasing it is only just half the battle. Next, you are going to have to apply for auto insurance, which is not going to be cheap. So, what are some of the best techniques and tactics that can help you keep your monthly payments to a minimum?

Consider High Deductibles

You should know that a deductible is basically the amount of money you have to pay out-of-pocket, before the insurance actually kicks in. When you request high a deductible it reduces your overall monthly payments. In fact, if you raise your deductible to $500, you could potentially lower your collision and comprehensive coverage by as much as thirty percent. Going as high as a $1,000 might even help you get forty percent off. However, if you are going to opt for this type of tactic, you best make sure you have the deductible set aside just in case you do get into an accident.

Don’t Be Afraid To Shop Around

Did you know that you could get a car insurance quote in just a matter of minutes? Just because you are already locked in with a certain provider doesn’t mean that you are obligated to them. In fact, there could be another local provider out there that might offer you better coverage at a better price. Go online and shop around with tons of providers just to see if you can better your situation. Quotes are free to get and they are pretty easy to apply for these days thanks to the Internet.

Drop Coverage Rates On Older Cars

Do you have an older car sitting in the driveway that you hardly ever use? Sure, you don’t want to completely cancel the insurance on it because there is a chance that you might need it in the future. However, you can drop the current coverage on the vehicle, which will help reduce your overall monthly payments. It really isn’t worth having collision or comprehensive coverage on older cars that are worth less than what you are paying to insure them. You can always look up what the car is worth online and compare it to the premiums that you are paying.

Take A Driving Safety Class

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