Dr. Jim Anderson Speaks, Trains, Coaches, and Provides Consulting To Help People Become Great Product Managers
Dr. Jim Anderson Speaks, Trains, Coaches, and Provides Consulting To Help People Become Great Product Managers

Managing a product is not just a business, it’s a science. Nobody knows more about the science of product management than Dr. Jim Anderson.

As Dr. Anderson says “I don’t embrace excuses from product managers about why their products are not successful,  I embrace solutions.”

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Anderson has transformed failing products worldwide. Dr. Anderson will turn these money pits into money makers. Welcome to the premier blog for learning how to develop, launch, and manage wildly successful products.

Dr. Jim Anderson is known as the “Billion Dollar Product Manager” because the products that he’s manged have produced over US$1B in revenue. In reaching this goal, he has truly been there / done that. He has applied his knowledge of the science of product management to individual products at small start-ups as well as entire products lines for some of the world’s companies.

The same successful product management science techniques can be made to work in both environments. In over 25 years of managing products and solutions, Dr. Anderson has implemented best practices for managing products at some of the world’s largest firms: Boeing, Siemens, Alcatel, and Verizon.

Coupled with his practical, real-world experience he’s created a proven strategy for streamlining the development of products. Dr. Anderson realizes that for a product to be successful, it takes an entire company working together, not different departments working separately. Making this happen is the real challenge that Product Managers face.

The Accidental Product Manager blog is a publication of Blue Elephant Consulting. Blue Elephant Consulting uses our unique product management evaluation tools to show technical professionals, product management departments, and professional associations how to evaluate the effectiveness of their current product management system, determine what needs to be improved, and then provides proprietary speaking, consulting, group conference call coaching, and digital training products and services to help implement these changes.

For more information on Blue Elephant Consulting and product management, go to: www.BlueElephantConsulting.com

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  1. THANK YOU!!
    I love your website!
    I’m a fresh product manager at a biomedical start up company and it is really helping me to cut short my ramp up time making me a more efficient PM!

    At difficult times, every time I read it, it helps me remember why I chose this position!


  2. Dear Dr. Jim,

    I have found some very good content on your website. Keep up the good work. You have me subscribed!

    On a side note, the site layout could be substantially improved.

    Regardless, I look forward to more posts.

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