How To Best Meet The Needs Of The Connected Consumer

How to best meet the needs of the connected consumer
How to best meet the needs of the connected consumer
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How to best meet the needs of the connected consumer isn’t just a product managers dilemma, nor just a marketing executive or UX design professionals. To delight the modern consumer your product management, UX design and marketing departments need to work together!

At the 10th Annual Open Mobile Summit (November 27-28, SF) we’ll be bringing together the digital trailblazers from across the different disciplines who are shaking up the way brands deliver their digital product.

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  • Mobile and digital product teams will discover where mobile fits in this new and exciting, expanded ecosystem.
  • UX design teams will hear from senior design leaders from brands like Uber on how to deliver seamless experiences across different platforms
  • Marketing and engagement teams will receive insights and case studies into how best to engage consumers and seize every opportunity!

Register to join C-Suite, Heads of Digital and Product Management from brands such as Tesla, Uber, Weight Watchers, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, Marriott and many more here:



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