Product Managers Deal With A Sandwich That Is Too Popular

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is going to return

The dream of every product manager is to be responsible for a product that is so popular that it flies off of the shelves. We dream of the day that we have to spend our time worrying about how we are going to keep our product in stock because it is selling out so fast. … Read more

Product Managers Prepare For The Burger Wars

Burger product managers are battling for the same customers

One of the biggest challenges that product managers face is when there is someone else offering a product that is very similar to ours. When we find ourselves in a situation like this, we need to get creative in how we go about attempting to attract customers to our product. A situation like this is … Read more

Netflix’s Streaming Product Managers Get Ready For Battle

Netflix's Streaming Product Managers Get Ready For Battle

I am willing to bet that just about everyone who is reading this is currently a subscriber to the Netflix video service. Yes, there might be a few of you who don’t currently send the company a check each month, but even you have gone over to friends’ houses and sat around watching Netflix movies … Read more

Product Managers Promote The Vaping Of Vitamins

Product managers are taking a different approach to vaping

It’s currently a tough time to be a product manager for vaping products in the U.S. right now. Vaping products exploded on the scene a while back and have become very popular. However, there have been a number of serious health-related issues that have started to show up and all of sudden people are starting … Read more

Product Managers Deal With The Problem Of Too Much Sand

It turns out that there's too much sand for fracking

Being a product manager in a growth industry is one of the best jobs that any of us can have. Everyday things seem to be rushing forward faster and faster, it’s all that we can do to keep up. This is exactly how life must be for product managers who are involved in the fracking … Read more

Product Managers Discover The Power Of Shelves

It turns out that even in this modern age, store shelves are still important

Product managers are starting to discover that something that we may have stopped thinking about in this digital age is still very, very important. Even as more and more of our customers are buying things online, it turns out that they still go out and go shopping. When they do this, they want to see … Read more

What It Takes To Be A Pop-Up Product Manager

Pop-up product managers have to be quick on their feet

As product managers we are always being told that we need to better understand our customers. We believe that if we were to truly understand them, then we would know how to offer them the products that they want, when they want them, and where they want them. In the world of retail products this … Read more

Product Managers Work To Get Mining Vehicles To Go Electric

If product managers can make mining vehicles electric then there will be many benefits

How would you feel about taking on a challenge? Yes you say? Well good – I’ve got one for you. A very big one. The companies that dig minerals out of the earth have a real problem on their hands. They use a lot of different vehicles to accomplish their work and currently all of … Read more

Product Managers Bring Food Delivery To Small Towns

Now food can be delivered no matter where a customer lives

One of the most hotly contested markets right now is the home delivery of food. In just about every major city, you can see multiple options for getting food delivered to you when you enter any restaurant. However, for those potential customers who live in smaller towns and cities, home delivery of food has not … Read more

Health Care Product Managers Deal With Privacy Issues

Product managers have to deal with patient data privacy laws

Every product manager wants to be in charge of a product that customers want. However, it turns out that some of us have to deal with situations in which our customers want what we have, but they are also afraid to give us what we need in order to deliver our product to them. A … Read more