Monthly Archives: August 2010

Product Manager: Don’t Step On Your Long Tail…!

If you want to sell a lot of your product, where is the best place to try to sell it? Would it be better to go to a crowed market where there are lots of people but also lots of other product managers with similar products? Or would it be […]

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How Product Managers Can Raise Their Product’s Price & Sell More

What do most product managers do whenever their product sales start to decline? No matter if it’s because customers have lost interest or if it’s because a new competitor has just shown up, we all tend to do the same thing:slash our prices. In the new competitive global marketplace this […]

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Product Lust: Could Desire Really Be A Bad Thing?

Way back when you were just a green product manager and you were still learning the marketing ropes, I’m going to bet that someone once upon a time sat you down and told you that sometimes when there is not enough of your hot product to meet customer’s demand, this […]

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Lessons From Starbucks’ Product Managers: How To Protect Your Product’s Rear

So there you are product manager, sitting on the top of the world in charge of the #1 selling brand of coffee and you’re pulling in something like $4 a cup. Then all of a sudden: blam! The global economy falls off a cliff and suddenly there are a whole […]

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