1,000 Product Management Links You Need To Know

1,000 Links To Internet Resources For Product Managers

1,000 Links To Internet Resources For Product Managers

Ok, so first off that’s a complete lie — we’re not really talking about 1,000 links. Although, in my own defense I think that the list will eventually get to contain 1,000 links eventually. A title of “Almost 1,000 links” just didn’t seem to have enough zing…

At any rate, I do have a ton of links to free (or almost free) Internet resources that every product manager should know about. In my monthly “The Accidental Product Manager” newsletter there are always a set of the latest links that every product manager needs to know about in order to make their job easier.

I’ve collected all of the links from all of the past issues of the newsletter and put them in one place for you: on this page over at Blue Elephant Consulting.

I’ll keep adding more links to this page so you might want to bookmark it and come back often.

An even better idea would be to subscribe to The Accidental Product Manager Newsletter so that you’d get new links delivered to your inbox…

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