Monthly Archives: March 2010

5 Secrets To Product Manger Success At Your Next Trade Show

Image Credit Think back over all of that university training that you (or your parents) paid for. Just for a good measure, throw in all of that training that you’ve sat through since you started working. Wow – that’s a lot of learning. One quick question for you: in all […]

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Trade Show Survival Tactics For Product Managers

I can only speak for myself, but I actually enjoy going to industry trade shows. It’s time out of the office, I get to hang out with other people who work in my industry who can feel my pain (whatever it happens to be this year), and I get to […]

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What Does A Product Manager Need To Do At Your Next Industry Show?

As the global economy snaps back, product managers are going to start traveling once again. Where will we be going? One place that we should plan on spending some time will be at industry trade shows (pause for collective groan). No, these are not the most enjoyable things to go […]

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I’d Like To Buy Some Time With That Product…

Selling Time With Your Product As product managers we are always looking for ways to give our products a unique selling proposition. We add unique features, we drop the price, we try bundling the product with other products, etc. However, maybe we’ve been overlooking the single most important way that […]

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How To Tell Your Customer To Stop Using Your Product

AT&T’s iPhone Problem Who among us product managers has not heard about Apple’s iPhone product and its incredible retail success? Currently in the U.S. there is only one wireless service provider on who’s network these highly desirable phones work: AT&T’s. You’d think that that was a good thing from an […]

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