Monthly Archives: September 2012

What Banks Can Teach Product Managers About Targeted Marketing

I’ve got a quick question for you: where do you keep your money? I’m not talking about pocket change, I’m talking about the big stuff – like your last paycheck? If you are like most product managers, you have a checking account and that’s where you keep your money. It […]

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Product Manager Nightmare: The Pipeline Story

Have you ever started something with the best of intentions only to have it go terribly wrong? As product managers, this can happen to us if we don’t keep our eyes open to what’s going on in the world around us. Over at Pipeline Trading Systems (now known as Aritas […]

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What Product Managers Need To Do To Prepare For Inflation

Just how old are you? If you’re not at least in your 40’s then the concept of inflation is probably something that you may have read about in some long forgotten economics class, but it’s not something that you’ve ever had to live with. Guess what – there’s a good […]

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