Monthly Archives: January 2011

Product Mangers Need To Do A Better Job Of Being Professional On Conference Calls

Ah, conference calls / video calls – it’s a love / hate relationship that product managers have with this staple of the 21st Century workplace. Sure they are a great way to pull together a team that is working remotely, even in other countries, but there sure are a lot […]

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Product Managers Who Want To Look Good Can Learn From Estee Lauder

As a guy, what I know about women’s make-up can pretty much be written on one side of a file card. With a lot of space left over. However, as a consultant to lots of product managers, I’ve always been very impressed by cosmetics products. They are a simple product […]

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Is Your Product Team’s Silence Killing Your Product?

It turns out that a Product Manager really doesn’t do all that much. I mean, they don’t actually create the product and they don’t actually sell the thing now do they? Sorta makes you wonder just exactly they do do? It turns out that most of a Product Manager’s time […]

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Product Managers Want To Know: Should I Compete Or Create?

In the world of product management, there are a few “classic questions”. We all need to be aware of these questions because they keep coming up over and over again during our careers. One such question has to do with what type of market you should plan on selling your […]

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