What Can Store Credit Card Product Managers Do To Remain Viable?

Store credit cards are declining, what’s a product manager to do?

So if I was to take a look inside of your purse or wallet right now, what would I find? I’m willing to bet that you probably have either a Visa or a Mastercard credit card, perhaps an American Express credit card or even a Discover credit card. However, what else would be there? Would … Read more

How Home Depot Product Managers Are Fighting Back Against Amazon

If you are a product manager working in the field of retail goods, there is one word that should strike fear in your heart: Amazon. Retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and Kohl’s have all been reporting decreased sales and the culprit is Amazon. They are all losing customers to the online giant. It turns out that … Read more

Product Managers’ Customers Are Now Shopping Online

The times they are a changing. As product managers it is our responsibility to stay on top of trends that are affecting our customers. One very important trend is just exactly how our customers are going about buying things. In the old days, customers would decide that they needed something, get in their car and … Read more

Product Managers Who Want To Look Good Can Learn From Estee Lauder

As a guy, what I know about women’s make-up can pretty much be written on one side of a file card. With a lot of space left over. However, as a consultant to lots of product managers, I’ve always been very impressed by cosmetics products. They are a simple product that a lot of advertising … Read more