Monthly Archives: April 2012

Product Managers Learn To Optimize Prices In Order To Boost Margins

So what does a product manager need to do in order to make his / her product more profitable? As I suspect every product manager learned during the last global recession, cutting costs associated with your product is one important step. That’s a nice skill to have on your product […]

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Product Managers Could Learn To Love Lipitor

It is the best of times to be a pharmaceutical drug product manager, it is the worst of times to be a pharmaceutical drug product manager. Over at the drug powerhouse Pfizer they’ve got a very, very popular cholesterol-lowering drug that they market under the brand name Lipitor. Unfortunately, patents […]

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Pens Can Teach Product Managers The Write Stuff

Just imagine if you were the product manager who was in charge of one of the world’s simplest products: a pen. How successful could you be in this era of fancy smartphones and high-tech tablets? I would have been willing to say that your pen product had reached the end […]

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