Monthly Archives: February 2011

Really Expensive Watches Need Product Managers Too

Take a look at your wrist – are you wearing a watch? These days a lot of us have foregone watches because now we have cell phones that seem to always know what time it is. However, there is another group of people who wouldn’t be caught dead without having […]

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Product Managers Want To Know: What Happened To The Microsoft Kin Phones?

Gone in 48 days. Ouch – that’s got to be some sort of record. As product managers we try to do all of the right things when we’re handed the responsibility of birthing a new product: determine what our customer’s needs are, understand the competition, calculate costs and price points, […]

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What A High-End NYC Salon Can Teach Product Managers

Just imagine the perfect world for a product manager: you have you choice of high end customers, they really don’t care just how expensive your product is – they feel that they must have it at any price, and your sales are virtually global recession-proof. Sound impossible? Well it’s not […]

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