Product Managers At Tech Giants Try To Not Anger Banks With New Products

Product managers have to practice being frenemies with banks

Just imagine if you were a product manager at one of the big technology firms out there (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, etc.). You would always be under pressure to change your product development definition and come up with new and different ways for the company to make money. You’d probably look at all of the … Read more

Oracle Product Managers Get Ready To Battle Amazon In The Cloud

I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve heard about “the cloud” – it’s the mythical place where companies can get their programs to run and their data to be stored in such a way that they don’t have to buy any computers or storage systems. Another company takes care of all of the day-to-day activities … Read more

What Should The Box Product Managers Do Now?

So when you think about what kind of product manager job you’d really like to have, what comes to mind? If you are like most of us, you’d like to be working at one of those fast moving Silicon Valley startups that seem to be in the newspaper all of the time. You’d be making … Read more

What The Product Managers At Box Are Going To Have To Do To Survive

How great would it be to be a product manager who was in charge of a product that was showing up in the newspapers every day? Box, a company that offers online storage, is preparing to have an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where they will sell stock in the company for the first time. It … Read more

Product Managers Want To Know: What Happened To The Microsoft Kin Phones?

Gone in 48 days. Ouch – that’s got to be some sort of record. As product managers we try to do all of the right things when we’re handed the responsibility of birthing a new product: determine what our customer’s needs are, understand the competition, calculate costs and price points, and create clever tag lines … Read more

Is Dancing With Yourself Wrong For Product Mangers To Do?

What’s a product manger to do when your #1 competitor is your own product? What can you do if you spend a lot of time and money developing a new version of your product and then roll it out and the customers that you want to sell it to appear to be happy using the … Read more

Is Microsoft Planning On Having Blue Light Specials?

Put yourself in the shoes of a Microsoft product manger for just a moment. You’ve got a bit of a challenge: you work for a very large and a very powerful company that has lost its cool. In every category where once you ruled supreme, you now have pesky competitors showing up who product are … Read more