Monthly Archives: July 2010

Product Manager Choices: The Right Way Or The Wrong Way?

Into every product manager’s life will arrive opportunities to make decisions, really, really important decisions. When this time comes, will you chose to take your product the right way or the wrong way? Perhaps more importantly, will you allow your customer to make the wrong decision with your product? A […]

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Can Product Managers Know Too Much About Their Customers?

It’s sorta the Holy Grail of product management – to become so intimate with our customers that we can almost read their minds. Now while that may sound like a great idea, have any of us taken the time to consider what our customers might be thinking about us doing […]

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4 Marketing Trends That Well Dressed Products Need To Know

Every year the global fashion industry rolls out new lines of fashions from famous designers. The world gathers at trendy fashion shows to gasp in amazement as they discover which designers have outdone themselves this year and which ones have gone off into the weeds. Maybe it’s time for you […]

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