Monthly Archives: February 2012

Product Managers Think That There’s Something Fishy About Their Prices

How are sales of your product doing? Not so well? Are you thinking about changing the price of your product? Is it looking like you are going to have to raise your prices because everything is costing you more? What’s that going to do to your sales? Have you told […]

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Netflix Teaches Product Managers Lessons About Pricing

As product managers we all dream of the day that we could muster up the courage to actually raise the price of our product. Just imagine – we wouldn’t have to do any additional work, and we’d be able to bring in even more money! Apparently the product managers over […]

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Video: 3 Skills That Most Product Managers Are Missing

It turns out that most product managers are showing up for work only partially dressed when you consider what skills they are missing. Dr. Anderson uncovers the 3 skills that every product manager must have in order to be successful. Dr. Anderson discovers that just knowing about your product is […]

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What Can FishVille Teach Product Managers About Using Analytics?

Here’s a classic product management question for you: how well do you know your customers? I mean, do you know then REALLY well? We all like to say that we know what our customers are looking for, but do we? The product managers over at the online gaming company Zynga […]

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