Video: 3 Skills That Most Product Managers Are Missing

It turns out that most product managers are showing up for work only partially dressed when you consider what skills they are missing. Dr. Anderson uncovers the 3 skills that every product manager must have in order to be successful. Dr. Anderson discovers that just knowing about your product is […]

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Video: Stop Giving Your Customers Too Many Choices — They Don’t Want Them!

It makes sense that the more choices that a Product Manager gives to his or her customers, the happier they’d be, right? Dr. Anderson takes a look at what happens when we present our customers with too many decisions to make. Dr. Anderson discovers that the one thing that our […]

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Video: Product Manager Tips: How To Use Subliminal Advertising

Dr. Jim Anderson looks into the power of subliminal advertising. What he wants to know is can this powerful technique be used when selling products to businesses… Dr. Anderson reveals the 4 keys to how product managers can go about incorporating subliminal advertising messages into their next ad, brochure, or […]

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Video: Let’s Go Job Shopping What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume

As the global economy starts to improve, Dr. Anderson takes a look at what product managers who are looking for work and working product managers who are looking for a better job need to have on their resumes. Dr. Anderson reveals the 3 things that need to be on every […]

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Video: Is Being A Product Manager At Coke The Real Thing?

  Dr. Jim Anderson reveals how product managers at Coke are keeping track of their over 450 different brands of products. Dr. Anderson talks about how Coke product managers use a gate process to determine which products should make it to market, why Japan plays such an important role in […]

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Video: Product Managers & The Secret of The Color Wheel

Dr. Jim Anderson shows how product managers and product marketers can use a color wheel to correctly choose colors for use in their next PowerPoint presentation. Dr. Anderson covers primary colors, secondary colors and then shows how to use the Microsoft Paint program to identify what colors are being used […]

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