What A Video Rental Store Can Teach Product Managers

Not to date myself or anything, but can anyone else remember going to the video store on a Friday or Saturday night? I’d wander the aisles and take a look at every movie on the “just released” rack in order to decide which one or two videos I was going […]

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Video: Stop Giving Your Customers Too Many Choices — They Don’t Want Them!

It makes sense that the more choices that a Product Manager gives to his or her customers, the happier they’d be, right? Dr. Anderson takes a look at what happens when we present our customers with too many decisions to make. Dr. Anderson discovers that the one thing that our […]

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Case Study: What To Do When A Large Competitor Shows Up On Your Block

Who Doesn’t Like A Little Competition? There’s not a product manager out there who doesn’t dream of the day in which their product is the only show in town. Man – wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t have to worry about any real competition, you’d just be spending your time […]

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Stop Giving Your Customers Too Many Choices — They Don’t Want Them!

As product managers, we have somehow convinced ourselves that our customers both want and need more choices when it comes to our products. This thinking has allowed us to heap on more and more choices for our customers to make: colors, pricing plans, features, etc. However, it just may be […]

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