Video: Let’s Go Job Shopping What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume

As the global economy starts to improve, Dr. Anderson takes a look at what product managers who are looking for work and working product managers who are looking for a better job need to have on their resumes.

Dr. Anderson reveals the 3 things that need to be on every product manager’s resume if you want to get that next job…!

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2 thoughts on “Video: Let’s Go Job Shopping What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume”

  1. Great video Jim. I’d offer a couple of additional tips which are more about coming up with the right content (i.e., stuff that may take years to develop but makes a big difference).

    1. Try to work at known quantities. Being a PM at places known for solid product management trumps almost everything else.

    2. Show solid progression and ship winning products with proven success metrics. Goes without saying but working in the same role for a long time is a resume killer.

    3. Send your resume to someone connected to the hiring manager or directly to the hiring manager. Recruiters are paid to screen and even the best have false negatives so try and skip that hurdle and go directly to the source if you can (i.e., Linkedin).

    • Tom: great suggestions! I fully agree that the closer that you can get your resume to the hiring manager, the better your chances are. LinkedIn is a powerful new tool that we are all still trying to figure out how best to use. Always be building your network!


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