Monthly Archives: November 2011

Product Management 101: How The Bar Rescue TV Show Can Teach You How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

We’re going to kick it old school this time around and take a look at one of the key skills that every product manager should be good at, but all too often we’ve been working so hard that we’ve neglected this task: turning prospects into actual paying customers. If you […]

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Let Apple Show Product Managers How To Sell More Products

Is it possible that Apple might be able to teach you a thing or two about how to find more customers for your product? I can almost hear you saying “Hey Dr. Jim, I’m a product manager who manages a line of ball bearings – they are nothing like the […]

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Product Managers Learn To Get Their Groupon

Hey product manager, so you’d like to find a way to make your product appeal to more customers? Hmm, well let’s think about this for a moment – is there anything in your product manager job description that we can use to solve this problem? Maybe there is. Although many […]

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