Monthly Archives: September 2011

What Product Managers Can Learn From Disney’s Product Vault

Have you heard about the Disney product vault? This is the place that they put their products every so often. What this means for their customers is that they had better buy their products now because once they go into the vault you don’t know when they’ll come back out. […]

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BMW Product Managers Prepare To Launch Tomorrow’s Product Today

Product managers rule the world. That means that we need to show the rest of the company what they need to be doing in order to make sure that our product is going to be a success. Over at BMW they’ve got a bit of a problem on their hands […]

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Video: Product Manager Tips: How To Use Subliminal Advertising

Dr. Jim Anderson looks into the power of subliminal advertising. What he wants to know is can this powerful technique be used when selling products to businesses… Dr. Anderson reveals the 4 keys to how product managers can go about incorporating subliminal advertising messages into their next ad, brochure, or […]

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Video: Let’s Go Job Shopping What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume

As the global economy starts to improve, Dr. Anderson takes a look at what product managers who are looking for work and working product managers who are looking for a better job need to have on their resumes. Dr. Anderson reveals the 3 things that need to be on every […]

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