Monthly Archives: December 2010

Why Product Managers Need To Learn To Love Their Crazy Customers

Just who are you hoping that will buy your product? Sane, rational people who you’d be more than willing to invite over to your place for dinner? Or perhapsstark raving mad folkswhom you’d probably cross to the other side of the street were you to encounter them in public? I’m […]

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Go Directly To Jail – How Product Managers Can Become Criminals

Being a product manager is a tough job, you wouldn’t think that we’d need to worry about going to jail – but we do. I’m a big advocate of product managers acting as though we are the CEO’s of our products. Our careers both live and die along with the […]

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Should A Product Manager Be A Copycat?

Every product manager dreams of his / her product turning into the next iPhone, or Google search engine, or some other runaway successlike that. However, as we all too well know, the odds of that ever happening are actually pretty slim. However, maybe there’s another way to become successful and […]

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