Monthly Archives: July 2011

Video: Product Managers & The Secret of The Color Wheel

Dr. Jim Anderson shows how product managers and product marketers can use a color wheel to correctly choose colors for use in their next PowerPoint presentation. Dr. Anderson covers primary colors, secondary colors and then shows how to use the Microsoft Paint program to identify what colors are being used […]

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Two Words That Turn A Product Manager On: “Real Time”

I’m willing to bet that if you got a bunch of product managers together and had them all sit in comfy chairs, lean back, close their eyes, and then you asked them what one thing in the world they most wanted at that moment, they would all tell you the […]

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Product Managers Need To Decode The Secret “Color Language”

Product Managers make decisions about colors all the time. Sometimes it has to do with a product logo, sometimes it has to do with the images that we use in a product brochure. The problem, is that most of us have ever had any training in this whole color thing. […]

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