Monthly Archives: June 2010

Is Your Product Manager Resume Blackberry Ready?

When you go hunting for your next Product Manager job (and it may be sooner than later), will your resume be up to the job? Come to think of it, when was the last time you dusted off and updated your resume? Do you still have that quaint “objective statement” […]

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Product Manager Resume Creation: Back To The Future?

It is the time of year that a product manager’s thoughts turn to … searching for a new job? During the global recession, things were so bad for so long that most product managers were just trying to hold on to the jobs that they already had. Now that things […]

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Product Manager Job Hunt: Do You Have The Cover Letter Covered?

When it comes time for you to go looking for your next Product Management job you’ll be facing a major decision. I’m not talking about if you should use online resume services or go with a headhunter. I’m not even talking about if creating a more technical or a more […]

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