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Product Manager Resume Creation: Back To The Future?

It is the time of year that a product manager’s thoughts turn to … searching for a new job? During the global recession, things were so bad for so long that most product managers were just trying to hold on to the jobs that they already had. Now that things […]

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To Get Your Next Job, You Need To Know How Firms Hire Product Managers

So what’s your job status? You either currently have a job (yea!) or you are looking for you next one (yea!) There is no shortage of job search advice out there on the Internet and otherwise. They’ve pretty much said all that there is to say about resumes, dressing nicely, […]

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Internet Job Hunting Tips For Product Mangers

In these tough times, even  Product Mangers may find themselves out on the street looking for a new job. Over at the Cranky Product Manager blog, there has been a fast moving discussion about what to do when you find yourself “between jobs”. One topic that has not been dealt […]

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