Monthly Archives: May 2008

Good vs Bad Product Managers

So what makes one product manger any better than another? I’ve spent a lot of time both working as a product manager and working with other product mangers and I think that I’ve got this figured out. I think that we can all agree what a good product manger looks […]

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IT Product Disasters: Part 1 Of Many

We all have our own set of up close and personal product disaster stories. Just like when we’re out driving and end up having to wait in traffic because there was an accident up ahead, we always hope that they won’t have cleared it completely out of the way by […]

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What The Heck Is An "IT Product"?

Good question,eh? I define an IT product as being a piece of code or a service that a firm’s IT department delivers to a customer. The customer can be internal (ex: email or expense reporting tools) or external (ex: CRM, ERP, virus detection, anything that MicroSoft makes, etc.) You’re IT […]

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