What The Heck Is An "IT Product"?

Good question,eh? I define an IT product as being a piece of code or a service that a firm’s IT department delivers to a customer. The customer can be internal (ex: email or expense reporting tools) or external (ex: CRM, ERP, virus detection, anything that MicroSoft makes, etc.) You’re IT department probably delivers a long list of products and services. This leads to the question…

Are you creating the right IT products? Does your staff have a polished and efficient product management framework with which to capture IT product requirements, develop the product, and then roll it out to your eager and waiting customers? Or is your IT product development process a mess: wrong products, missed schedules, and unhappy or (even worse) disinterested customers?

Hey, who ever took classes on this stuff? We all focused on programming languages, databases, and the odd English Lit. class. Well, they say that it’s never too late to learn and it turns out that Product Management for IT products and services can be fairly easy and straightforward if you understand what you are doing. In this blog we’ll share with you the good, the bad, and the really ugly things that you should both be doing and not doing.