Monthly Archives: July 2012

How Product Managers Can Bring Innovation To Their Products

“Be more innovative” – how many times has your management told you that? Although being innovative isn’t really part of the product development definition, product managers still want their products to always be ahead of what their customers want. We’d like to be able to have our products solve problems […]

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Fast Product Management Lessons From A Porsche 911

This is the kind of story that I really like – it has a Porsche in it! Hopefully everyone know who Porsche is. They are the German car manufacturer who makes ridiculously fast sports cars and then sells them for an awful lot of money. It’s how they go about […]

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A Trash Company Show Product Managers How To Do Pricing

How much does your product cost? Is it the right price? Both of these questions are a part of the product development definition. As product managers when we set a price for our products we might also set up some discounting rules, and then we prefer to pretty much leave […]

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Picture Perfect Product Management

Just imagine if you were a product manager who was in charge of film for cameras. Your world used to be great: everyone needed film and so you could improve your product, roll it out, and customers would snap it up (sorry for the pun). However, then along came digital […]

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