Product Managers Learn How To Deal With A Close Shave

All right, how about a quick show of hands out there. Who has spent any time today thinking about the razer that they use to shave with? I’m suspecting that I’m not seeing very many hands up. Razors are one of those things that just always seem to be there when we need them. When … Read more

What Product Managers Need To Do To Prepare For Inflation

Just how old are you? If you’re not at least in your 40’s then the concept of inflation is probably something that you may have read about in some long forgotten economics class, but it’s not something that you’ve ever had to live with. Guess what – there’s a good chance that we’re getting ready … Read more

A Trash Company Show Product Managers How To Do Pricing

How much does your product cost? Is it the right price? Both of these questions are a part of the product development definition. As product managers when we set a price for our products we might also set up some discounting rules, and then we prefer to pretty much leave things alone. However, what if … Read more