Monthly Archives: November 2010

Should Product Managers Consider Getting A Hybrid MBA?

Product Managers have long struggled with the idea of getting an MBA. Sure, it seems like a good idea, but who has the time or the energy to haul yourself off to some college campus several times a week to attend classes. There are those “online” universities that let you […]

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7 Product Pricing Mistakes That Product Managers Make

If you asked a product manager what the scariest part of their job is, I think that you’d get a lot of them telling you”pricing”. It’s sorta a black hole – you make a guess, cross your fingers, and then hope that enough customers buy your product at a given […]

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Niche Marketing Requires Product Managers To Personalize Everything

As product managers we spend a lot of time creating ways to tell customers all about our fantastic product. Too bad that often the brochures, white papers, direct mail, and case studies often fall on deaf ears. It turns out that we’re actually doing a couple of things wrong: we’re […]

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Should A Product Manager Be Batman Or The Lone Ranger?

Product managers are responsible for making a lot of decisions about our products while they are being developed; however,one of the most important decisionshas to be if we are going to team with another company to develop a product. It’s the classic “Batman” (he’s got a sidekick names Robin) vs […]

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What Product Managers Need To Know About Customer Loyalty

Imagine for a moment that you were inthe business of building walls. Every day you’d get up go build part of a wall and then go home. What if every day when you returned, all of the work that you had done the previous day had been undone? How would […]

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