Monthly Archives: March 2012

Product Managers Need To Learn How To Fail

How do you feel about failing at something? I’m willing to bet that you are just like the rest of us in that you HATE to fail. It turns out that if indeed this is the way that you feel, then perhaps you’ve been missing out on some great learning […]

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Product Managers Are Learning The Marketing Power Of One (Database)

All too often Product Managers fool themselves into thinking that more is better. Yes, sometimes this may be true, but when it comes to keeping track of both customers and product inventory, it turns out that using one database is the key to long term success… How Things Can Get […]

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Product Manager: Can You Hear Me? How To Get Promotions Right

So there sits your product. Sure, some people are buying it, but your product’s account manager and business development manager sure would like more people to buy it. What’s a product manager to do? Why not do what everyone else seems to be doing – have a promotion for your […]

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