Monthly Archives: February 2010

Product Manager: Is It Time To Create A Catalog For Your Product?

Why Create A Catalog? So here’s a novel thought for you to consider Product Manager: why not create a catalog for your product? Based on a recommendation from a friend, I’ve been reading the book “Catalog Design: Creating Desire” and it has given me a whole new appreciation for catalogs. […]

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A New Way To Listen To What Your Customers Are Saying About You

A New Way To Create Ads For Your Products Welcome to the world of the 21st Century – there seems to be a new competitor who is trying to win the attention of your customers every day. What’s a product manager to do? The answer lies in getting the message […]

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Case Study: What To Do When A Large Competitor Shows Up On Your Block

Who Doesn’t Like A Little Competition? There’s not a product manager out there who doesn’t dream of the day in which their product is the only show in town. Man – wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t have to worry about any real competition, you’d just be spending your time […]

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Are You Listening To Your Customers Product Manager?

Why Bother Listening To Your Customers? One of the best interviews that I’ve ever read was with Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) in which he scoffed at doing things like focus groups and such in order to get input for the fantastic products that Apple makes. He said that since […]

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