Monthly Archives: March 2011

The UFC Teaches Product Managers How To Fight For Their Product

Product pricing? How boring. Working with development teams? Yawn. Mixed Martial Arts fighting inside of an 18′ chain-link fence — bring it on! I recently had a chance to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) broadcast of UFC 128 – a pay-for-view fight between 10 different men. In the end, […]

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Product Managers Know That Pricing Is All About The Presentation

How to correctly price a product has always been a bit of a black art for most product managers. The goal is to not price a product so high that nobody is willing to buy it, while at the same time not pricing it so low that you end up […]

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Product Managers Learn How To Make YouTube Work For Their Product

Who hasn’t heard of YouTube by now? It’s that Google owned web site where anyone can upload videos that they’ve made to share with the world. Every once in awhile a video will “go viral” and literally millions of people will take time out of their day to visit the […]

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