Monthly Archives: May 2010

Oh, Oh – What To Do When You Don’t Get That Promotion

Things are tough all over. If you were counting on getting a promotion this year, you might want to scale your hopes back just a bit. A lot of product managers are discovering that their career plans are having to be put on hold. Maybe we should spend some time […]

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To Get Your Next Job, You Need To Know How Firms Hire Product Managers

So what’s your job status? You either currently have a job (yea!) or you are looking for you next one (yea!) There is no shortage of job search advice out there on the Internet and otherwise. They’ve pretty much said all that there is to say about resumes, dressing nicely, […]

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What Online Dating Services Can Teach Product Manager About Love

Are you looking for love product manager? Even if you aren’t, there appear to be plenty of other folks out there who are and this has created a booming business in the Internet-based dating service business. Now if you think that your product management job is difficult and confusing, just […]

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How To Really Screw Up Your Next Product Manager Job Search

Product managers may be very good at managing a product and making it a success in the marketplace; however, all too often we do a really bad job of looking for our next job. I’m not talking about poorly formatted resumes or even answering questions incorrectly during a job interview. […]

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