Video: #1 Skill That A Product Manager Needs To Have


Dr. Jim Anderson shows which skill a product manager must have in order to be successful.

Dr. Anderson reveals how this one skills controls everything that a product manager does. He points out how this can impact the team that you have working on your product, how it can impact how you handle stress, and ultimately how it controls how successful you’ll be.

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6 thoughts on “Video: #1 Skill That A Product Manager Needs To Have”

  1. Hi Jim,

    Having a good judgment is critical to any role not just product management. I sincerely believe that people/relationship management is more critical to a role of a product manager. You have covered it as once of the aspects in your video. Rather than calling it as people management I would rather call it as relationship management, as most likely you will not have any teams that you will manage directly as a Product Manager. As a PM, the thing that I run into most is to deal with people without having direct authority over them (managing without authority).The longer I stay in this role, the more I realize the value of it.

    Product Manager-Cisco

    • Rahul: Congratulation! You have discovered the true secret to being a successful product manger. You need to be able to get people to do things for you even though they don’t work for you. The trick is how you make this happen. Threatening people can work for awhile, but it never lasts. As you said — it’s all about relationship management. Do it right and you’ll have a long and successful Product Management career…!

  2. Thanks Jim…completely agree with you about the number one skill being the ablity to make good judgements. However, on your first point, about the right people…most often we do not get to chose the people on the teams (including development) or have control over them…I am still very young in my product management career and still learning…so far I have seen that the lack of highly motivated teams to be a huge challenge…
    Great videos…keep up the great work…I wish you would consider doing a video on prototyping tools and techniques for PM’s.

    • Harry: so true! We end up having to work with the people that we get. If you think about it, later on in your career when you are managing a department (or a company), it will be the same situation — you’ll get who you get. If you can lean how to get along with the people that you have and how to motive them, then you’ll be well on your way to long-term career success!

      Let me look into the prototyping tools & techniques for future postings. Thanks for the suggestion!


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