How Should Product Managers Price Their Products In A Down Economy?

How is your product priced? Are you playing a “price it and forget it” game? How about the “price it and then discount it down to whatever the customer will pay” game? You would think that product pricing would be a standard part of the product development definition, but all […]

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Product Managers Need To Beware Of The Hidden Impact Of Discounting Their Product

Have you ever given any thought to the damage that you might be doing to your company’s other brands when you slash the price of your product? It turns out that cutting your product’s price might boost your product’s sales, but at what expense? Say Goodbye To Your Margin As […]

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Product Managers Could Learn To Love Lipitor

It is the best of times to be a pharmaceutical drug product manager, it is the worst of times to be a pharmaceutical drug product manager. Over at the drug powerhouse Pfizer they’ve got a very, very popular cholesterol-lowering drug that they market under the brand name Lipitor. Unfortunately, patents […]

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4 Ways Product Managers Can Prevent The Internet From Killing Your Product’s Price

That there Internet is a powerful tool in the hands of your potential customers. You probably vary the price of your product over time – lowering it when you want to boost sales or when you have a new version that you are getting ready to introduce. Well guess what, […]

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