Airbus Product Managers Focus On New Smaller Airplanes

Airbus has given up the big-plane market and will now focus on smaller planes

So what’s a product manager supposed to do when your biggest product has been discontinued? This is the challenge that was facing the Airbus product managers. The company had been building the massive A380 airplane that they had created in order to compete with Boeing’s 747 airplane. However, the market for that type of aircraft … Read more

Can Amazon’s Product Managers Make Videogames Successful?

So far, things have not been going well for Amazon's video games

It almost goes without saying that we all know about Amazon – the book seller who has turned into the seller of just about everything. What you may not know about Amazon is that they decided a while back to that they were going to enter into the lucrative video gaming market. With the power … Read more

Product Managers Prepare For The Next Step In Making Payments

Facial recognition may be the next step in payment systems

In order to make sure that people want to buy their products, product managers have to stay on top of changes in the technology that people use to make payments. This used to be fairly easy: once upon a time everyone used cash, then they migrated to using credit and debit cards, next came PayPal … Read more

Product Managers Deal With The Challenges Of Delivered Meals

It turns out that there is a real cost to having food delivered

What a wonderful time we are living in! With the arrival of the internet, all of sudden there is no longer a reason for any of us to have to go out to a restaurant any more. Instead, all we have to do is to bring up one of those online ordering applications, select what … Read more

Can Product Managers Use Social Media To Market Forbidden Products?

Can product managers successfully promote e-cigarettes using social media?

When you think about all of the products that product managers are responsible for, there are a number of them that come to mind as being “difficult” products to successfully manage. For one reason or another, these products are difficult to talk about and therefore are difficult to market. In this category go condoms, guns, … Read more