Product Managers Know Kids Want Some Buzz With Their Soda

Why just drink soda when you can get soda with a kick?

Product managers who are responsible for selling alcohol are in a bit of a bind these days. For some reason, perhaps because of everyone’s health kick, sales of alcohol have been declining over the past few years. Today’s millennials are just not buying as much beer, wine, and hard liquor as their parents once did. … Read more

Gucci Tries To Bounce Back From A Product Mistake

Gucci is still paying for a product mistake Image Credit: * Nono *

Just in case you didn’t know it, Gucci is a one of the largest and most successful fashion brands out there. Everyone wants to both own and be seen wearing Gucci apparel. In the past few years, Gucci has had a fantastic run and has become one of the hottest brands in fashion. However, their … Read more

Food Delivery Product Managers Need Steady Customers

The chase is on for customers who will order repeatedly

I can only speak for myself, but it seems as though anytime I walk into a store that sells food, there is some sort of sticker on the door that proclaims that if I’d prefer to have my food brought to me, there is a service that will do it. What a fantastic age we … Read more

How Will Product Managers Make Driverless Grocery Delivery A Success?

Driverless grocery deliveries may be coming sooner than you think

Let’s face it, today when you see a car on the road you expect to see a person sitting behind the wheel. However, if some very smart product managers have their way, in the future you might be seeing driverless cars whizzing around. This is all brand new stuff, but there have been a number … Read more

When Product Managers Do Bad Things

Product managers can do bad things too

I’d like to tell you that the calling to become a product manager is only received by those of us with the highest morals. However, I really can’t say that. What this means is that in the world of product managers, there are the good ones and the not so good ones. I like to … Read more