Product Managers Deal With New Wrinkles In Marketing Skin Care Products

Botox product managers now have to face new rivals

Good news for product managers – nobody likes to get old! In fact, nobody really likes to look like they are getting old. What this means for product managers is that there is a huge market for products that will allow us to avoid looking like we are getting older. One of the most successful … Read more

What Is Chick-fill-A’s Product Managers Secret To Success?

Chick-Fill-A product managers are riding the wave of breaded chicken demand

When lunch or dinner rolls around and you are hungry, what do you want to eat? If you are like most of us, you start looking for a fast food restaurant where you can go get a good meal and get in and get out. A number of possibilities come to mind: McDonalds, Burger King, … Read more

Forget Social Media – Product Managers Are Focusing On Email Again

Welcome to the era of Google and Facebook. Product managers have had to learn to live in a world that is dominated by these firms. They control what the users of their applications see. Their algorithms determine what their users see in addition to all of the information that they are getting from friends and … Read more

The Challenge Of Being A Grocery Store Product Manager

Product managers need to find ways to attract customers who avoid stores

Everyone has to go out and buy groceries, right? Well, it turns out that at one time that would have been a correct statement; however, these days things have changed and now customers have many choices on how they can get the groceries that they need. This change has hit grocery store product managers very … Read more

Product Managers Learn To Deal With Customer Outrage

Product managers need to learn how to deal with angry customers

So what’s up with your customers? Why are they so touchy? It sure seems like customers can very quickly become upset about something that wasn’t covered in your product development, definition and then fly off the handle and be in the streets waving signs and talking with television stations about how bad you are all … Read more