Product Managers Want People To Eat At Home

Packaged food product managers need more of us to eat at home

Quick quiz: where have you been eating your meals lately? Perhaps a better version of this question would be: how many times have you eaten at home lately? If you are like most of us, your answer is going to be mixed. Yeah, you might grab a breakfast at home, but do you take your … Read more

How Indian Product Managers Do Battle With Retail Goliaths

In India, mom-and-pop stores are slaying the big chains

Retail giants Amazon and Walmart really, really want to start selling a great deal in India. In fact, they are willing to spend billions to set up shop there. However, their success is not guaranteed. It turns out that they are going to be battling the countless number of mom-and-pop stores that are already there … Read more

What Will It Take For Sam’s Club To Be Successful In China?

Sometimes you have to go up market in order to be successful

In the world of shopping in bulk, you have choices. Specifically, when you need a huge amount of toilet paper or paper towels, you can choose to go to either Sam’s Club or Costco.Where do you choose to go? If you are like most people, if you have a choice you generally choose go to … Read more

Amazon Takes On Walmart: Who’s Product Managers Will Win?

Amazon product managers are going after Walmart shoppers

I suspect that if I asked you to take a moment and feel sorry for the product managers who work for Amazon, you probably would not. For that matter, if I asked you to take a moment and feel bad for the product managers who work for Amazon, you probably would also find that hard … Read more

Amazon Product Managers Prepare For War With Walmart Product Managers

Amazon is getting into a next-day delivery war with Walmart

Amazon is a large and powerful company that dominates the world of online selling. Walmart is a large and powerful company that dominates the world of bricks & mortar selling. These two firms are starting to come into conflict when it comes to next-day home delivery as Walmart starts to move into online sales and … Read more

What Can Store Credit Card Product Managers Do To Remain Viable?

Store credit cards are declining, what’s a product manager to do?

So if I was to take a look inside of your purse or wallet right now, what would I find? I’m willing to bet that you probably have either a Visa or a Mastercard credit card, perhaps an American Express credit card or even a Discover credit card. However, what else would be there? Would … Read more

Does Anyone Really Want To Shop For Food At Amazon?

Let’s face it, Amazon is a very large company. Once you get to be that big, you’ve got a significant problem on your hands. Your investors expect you to keep growing, but you are already so large that it can be difficult to do. The product managers over at Amazon think that they’ve come up … Read more

Product Managers Tackle The Santa Problem

So what’s the one thing that everyone knows about Santa? That he always delivers his gifts to the good boys and girls on Christmas morning. Not the day after Christmas. Or a week later. He gets it there on Christmas morning. As you might imagine, with more and more parents buying things online, the actual … Read more

What Can Amazon Product Managers Do About The Customers They Don’t Have?

As product managers, we spend a great deal of our time trying to figure out ways to get more people to buy our products. However, there is that very small collection of product managers who have extremely popular products who have a slightly different sort of problem that they have to work out. They really … Read more

How Home Depot Product Managers Are Fighting Back Against Amazon

If you are a product manager working in the field of retail goods, there is one word that should strike fear in your heart: Amazon. Retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and Kohl’s have all been reporting decreased sales and the culprit is Amazon. They are all losing customers to the online giant. It turns out that … Read more