What Can FishVille Teach Product Managers About Using Analytics?

Here’s a classic product management question for you: how well do you know your customers? I mean, do you know then REALLY well? We all like to say that we know what our customers are looking for, but do we? The product managers over at the online gaming company Zynga (you know, the one that … Read more

Product Managers Learn To Get Their Groupon

Hey product manager, so you’d like to find a way to make your product appeal to more customers? Hmm, well let’s think about this for a moment – is there anything in your product manager job description that we can use to solve this problem? Maybe there is. Although many of us work for companies … Read more

Product Managers Want To Know: What Happened To The Microsoft Kin Phones?

Gone in 48 days. Ouch – that’s got to be some sort of record. As product managers we try to do all of the right things when we’re handed the responsibility of birthing a new product: determine what our customer’s needs are, understand the competition, calculate costs and price points, and create clever tag lines … Read more

Why Product Managers Need To Care About Farms, Fish, And The Mafia

It’s time for true confessions: you play one of those silly Facebook games don’t you? Pick your poison:Farmville, Fishville, Mafi Wars, etc.The company that makes these games, Zynga, currently boasts that they have over 100M users (and that’s just after 2 years). What can they teach the rest of us product managers? Can A Product … Read more

How To Really Screw Up Your Next Product Manager Job Search

Product managers may be very good at managing a product and making it a success in the marketplace; however, all too often we do a really bad job of looking for our next job. I’m not talking about poorly formatted resumes or even answering questions incorrectly during a job interview. My point is that it’s … Read more

A New Way To Listen To What Your Customers Are Saying About You

A New Way To Create Ads For Your Products Welcome to the world of the 21st Century – there seems to be a new competitor who is trying to win the attention of your customers every day. What’s a product manager to do? The answer lies in getting the message about why your product is … Read more

PayPal Product Managers Try To Win A Popularity Contest

You would think that if your product was the biggest one in it’s market, you’d be sitting pretty as a product manager, right? Sure, this might be an easy trap to fall into; however, if you start to take it easy once you are the king of the hill, then that’s when your competition shows … Read more

Why Chatty Product Managers Do Well On The Web 2.0

Boy, oh boy do I have a story for you today. I’ve been working with one of my customers who has decided that they need to improve how they communicate with their customers. Having read all of the industry rags, they’ve decided that they need to set up a social networking site for their company … Read more