SAP’s US$125M Product Mistake At Avon

Product managers are responsible for solving the problems of their customers. This is a pretty simple idea to understand. However, when we don’t control the complete solution that our customer is trying to put into place, what level of responsibility does a product manager have? Over at Avon they just did one of these big … Read more

Blockbuster’s Not Dead Yet: Lessons For Product Managers

You may have read about the death of the Blockbuster chain of video rental stores. It doesn’t seem as though it was all that long ago when there was a Blockbuster store on every corner and we were all racing to return our videos before we got charged a late fee. However, times change and … Read more

What The #1 Thing A Product Manager Needs In Order To Launch A Product?

So just exactly what does it take to successfully launch a product? In my product management consulting work, I’ve had a chance to work with a number of companies that had arrived at the product launch stage filled with nervous anticipation. They had already done a lot of work (and spend a lot of money) … Read more

Product Managers Can Raise Their Product’s Price – They Just Have To Be Smart About It

Psst – hey product manager, would you like to make some more money with your product? Guess what – you can! All you have to do is to raise your product’s price. Uh oh, does this scare you just a bit? Are you concerned about making your existing and potential customers angry with you? I’ve … Read more

How Product Managers Can Accomplish Great Things

There is no question that as a product manager there are a countless number of things that we can spend our time on each and every day as we work to refine and implement our product development definition. However, if we want to accomplish great things for our product, just exactly what should we be … Read more

Steve Job’s Advice For Product Managers

Steve Jobs died too young – what great things could he have accomplished if only he had been able to live just a little bit longer? No matter, even during his brief time on this planet he accomplished a number of amazing product related things that every product manager can learn from. What’s even more … Read more

21st Century Pricing Strategies For Product Managers

What product manager really likes to tackle the pricing beast? I’m willing to bet that this part of the job is pretty low on your list of product development definition things that you like to do. However, that’s a shame. It turns out that setting the right price for your product is what is going … Read more

5 Secrets To An Effective Pricing Strategy For Product Managers

Pricing really should not be all that hard to do, right? Pricing is just another part of your product development definition. Find out what your customer is willing to pay, design a product to be sold at that price that will give you a 25% profit margin, and poof you should be all good to … Read more

Product Managers: Can An Old Brand Help Your New Brand?

Just imagine the problem that a product manager who has a brand new product is facing as he or she creates their product development definition: nobody knows anything about their product. They’ve never even heard of it. If only there was some way to “jump start” the product’s marketing program. Oh wait, there is – … Read more

What Type Of People Should Product Managers Hire For Their Team?

I’ve got to be honest with you here: there have not been too many times during my product manager career that I’ve been able to step away from the product development definition process and have been presented with the opportunity to hire someone to join my product management team. However, the few times that this … Read more