going green

Your Customers Are Idiots & You Need To Tell Them What To Do

It’s expensive to create, market, deliver, and support a product. Having customers who make your life more difficult and the whole process more expensive does not help matters. Since we’re bright, smart product managers it sure seems as though when we spot an opportunity to change something about our product […]

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Product Managers Know That EVERYBODY Must Be Green

Product mangers who decide to turn their products “green” in order to make less of an environmental impact need to look beyond their own shop. The initial challenge in taking a product green is to get the processes that you control to become more environmentally sensitive. The next step is […]

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Green Product Mangers Have Green Bosses

With “going green” being all the rage right now, product managers should give it some serious consideration for their products. Although we all SHOULD want to make the planet a better place for current and future generations to live, from a practical product management point of view having a green […]

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