What Google Can Teach Product Managers About Finding Inner Peace

Image Credit So product manager, what is your life like these days? Are you dealing with long hours at work, demanding bosses and customers? Internal departments who don’t want to talk to you let alone do what you need them to do? An ever changing product development definition? I guess […]

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How Product Managers Can Avoid Going To Jail For Copyright Violations

As product managers we all know by now that social media, in all of its different flavors, is hot, hot, hot. We are being encouraged by our companies to do more social media activities in support of our products: blogging, facebooking (is that even a word?), using Tumbler, and perhaps […]

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Product Managers Need To Learn How To Fail

How do you feel about failing at something? I’m willing to bet that you are just like the rest of us in that you HATE to fail. It turns out that if indeed this is the way that you feel, then perhaps you’ve been missing out on some great learning […]

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Great Product Managers Aren’t Afraid To Stumble On The Way To The Top

A quick question for you: are you afraid to fail? Would you be willing to take on responsibility for a product that might not be a success? I’m willing to bet that a lot of us would say “no” – our company’s product managers who are perfect are rewarded while […]

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Now What? When Product Managers Make The Wrong Job Move…

Sure you did all of the research, you talked with all of the right people, shucks you even followed up on every Google link that you could find on the company that you were thinking about going to work for before making the jump. However, now that you’ve made the […]

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Breakthrough In Solving The Problem Of How To Evaluate A Product Manager

Oh do I have a tasty dilemma for you this time around! I’ve been working with one of my clients who is setting up a brand new product management department. He’s faced with a challenge that you’d think would be more common than it appears to be: just how should […]

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