How Dell Product Managers Dropped The Ball On Tablet Computers

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!If there was such a thing as a standard product manager job description, then you’d think that it would contain the phrase “… be responsible for developing products that solve problems and sell well…” The product managers over at Dell … Read more

Product Managers Don’t Like Surprises: Know Your Product’s Customers!

I find myself telling the product managers that I’m working with that they need to understand that one of a product manager’s most important jobs is to give good direction to their sales teams: who will buy your product. You may think that you know the answer, but like the product managers for 5-Hour Energy … Read more

How Product Managers Can Innovate & Not Lose Their Shirts

What’s your plan for making your product a success going forward? Hoping some magic fairy shows up and makes your competition go away overnight? Well good luck with that! I suspect that your management is probably pressing you and your product team to do some of that “innovation” stuff. Got any ideas on how to … Read more

Only A Product Manager Could Screw Up A Job Change!

The global economy is roaring back again and it sure seems like everyone is starting to take stock of their job and decide if they want to stay where they are or move on to greener pastures. Product managers are no exception. Perhaps you’ve grown as far as you can or perhaps you feel that … Read more

What Product Managers Can Learn From Disney’s Product Vault

Have you heard about the Disney product vault? This is the place that they put their products every so often. What this means for their customers is that they had better buy their products now because once they go into the vault you don’t know when they’ll come back out. Is this a technique that … Read more

BMW Product Managers Prepare To Launch Tomorrow’s Product Today

Product managers rule the world. That means that we need to show the rest of the company what they need to be doing in order to make sure that our product is going to be a success. Over at BMW they’ve got a bit of a problem on their hands and their product managers are … Read more

Video: Product Manager Tips: How To Use Subliminal Advertising

Dr. Jim Anderson looks into the power of subliminal advertising. What he wants to know is can this powerful technique be used when selling products to businesses… Dr. Anderson reveals the 4 keys to how product managers can go about incorporating subliminal advertising messages into their next ad, brochure, or PowerPoint presentation… To get more … Read more

Video: Let’s Go Job Shopping What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume

As the global economy starts to improve, Dr. Anderson takes a look at what product managers who are looking for work and working product managers who are looking for a better job need to have on their resumes. Dr. Anderson reveals the 3 things that need to be on every product manager’s resume if you … Read more

Why Your Product’s Reputation Really Matters

As product managers we try very hard to make sure that our products have all of the features and functionality that our customers want and need. In order to get our customers to purchase our products we attempt to make our products look like the type of product that they’d be proud to own. This … Read more

When Product Managers Fall Down: What’s Happened To Lexus?

Of the past 20 years or so, one of the best product management jobs to have in the United States had to be a product manager who was responsible for one of Toyota’s Lexus’ brand’s cars. These cars have been selling very well for a long time and have been very respected in the marketplace. … Read more