How Product Managers Can Innovate & Not Lose Their Shirts

What’s your plan for making your product a success going forward? Hoping some magic fairy shows up and makes your competition go away overnight? Well good luck with that! I suspect that your management is probably pressing you and your product team to do some of that “innovation” stuff. Got any ideas on how to … Read more

How To Tell Your Customer To Stop Using Your Product

AT&T’s iPhone Problem Who among us product managers has not heard about Apple’s iPhone product and its incredible retail success? Currently in the U.S. there is only one wireless service provider on who’s network these highly desirable phones work: AT&T’s. You’d think that that was a good thing from an AT&T product manager’s point of … Read more

AccPM Life Just Got Better For iPhone/Andriod/BB Users

Loyal Readers, It has been brought to my attention that the AccPM blog’s appearance on touch-based smart phones was, shall we say, poor at best. I think that I may have found a way to solve this problem. I’ve installed some new software that should change the AccPM into an iPhone application “looking” site, complete … Read more