4 Things Product Managers Need To Know About Buying Another Company

As the global economy comes roaring back, more and more companies are discovering that their balance sheets are now loaded with cash. Their investors don’t really want them to be building up stockpiles of money, instead they want the company to be growing. The quickest way for your company to do this may be to … Read more

Should A Product Manager Be Batman Or The Lone Ranger?

Product managers are responsible for making a lot of decisions about our products while they are being developed; however,one of the most important decisionshas to be if we are going to team with another company to develop a product. It’s the classic “Batman” (he’s got a sidekick names Robin) vs “The Lone Ranger” type of … Read more

Netflix Teaches Product Managers A Lesson

Once upon a time, going to a Blockbuster Video store was a regular part of my weekend. Since I am such and engineer, running back to the store the next day to return the video that I had watched was also part of my weekend. However, I don’t do any of these things any more … Read more

Vendor Contracts: Let’s Talk About Force Majeure One More Time

We had talked about force majeure awhile back, and apparently it was interesting enough to catch the attention of one of my colleagues. Phil is a hard-charging product manager who works in the telecommunications space and he just sent me an email that was talking about another story where a vendor had to declare force … Read more

Force Majeure: What Is It and Why Care?

While reading the Wall Street Journal last week, I happened upon a very small article that mentioned that Alcoa, the large metal processing company, had declared a force majeure on alumina (also known as aluminum oxide which is used in aluminum production) deliveries from its operation in Western Australia. This somewhat boring legal term caught … Read more