Product Managers Start To Get Personal With Health Monitors

People want to be able to monitor their health and control their data

People want to be able to monitor their health and control their data Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Product managers know that people are always concerned about their health. We worry about how much we weigh, what our blood pressure is, if we are pregnant, what our metabolism is, etc. From a product … Read more

Health Care Product Managers Deal With Privacy Issues

Product managers have to deal with patient data privacy laws

Every product manager wants to be in charge of a product that customers want. However, it turns out that some of us have to deal with situations in which our customers want what we have, but they are also afraid to give us what we need in order to deliver our product to them. A … Read more

Product Managers Start To Use AI In Health Care Products

Product managers have to overcome hurdles to create AI products

If you are a product manager and you really want to make your life complicated, then what you should do is decide to develop a health care product. This is going to make your life complicated in a bunch of different ways. First off, any product that you create is going to have to be … Read more

Can TV Product Managers Win The Fight Against The Internet?

So it turns out that the world of television is ruled by advertising. The more ads that you can sell, the more money you make and the more television programs you can both make and broadcast. Back in the day, television product managers ruled the world. Nobody else could compete with the number of potential … Read more

How Product Managers Should Go About Doing Business Research

In order for your product to be successful, you are going to have to have to have a good understanding of your market. I wish that I could tell you that there was some sort of pill or potion that you could take that would magically provide you with the information that you need. Sorry, … Read more

Don’t Even Think About Keeping Your Product Details Secret

You’ve got a great product. In fact, it might even be a revolutionary product. Well, there are at least some features of your product and its product development definition that you are very proud of – nobody else has them. You would sure like to tell your customers about how great your product is, but … Read more